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Eureka Springs Opera In The Ozarks


Opera In The Ozarks ?? I know what you are thinking – you must be kidding, right? Well, no actually. Although the Ozarks are most famous for bluegrass and country music and musicians, there is a music academy here in Eureka Springs that has been in existence since 1950 that is dedicated to the Fine Arts, concentrating on vocal and instrumental music and dramatic art. The name of the academy is Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony. Opera In The Ozarks

The effectiveness of training received at Inspiration Point has been demonstrated many times over by the successes by alumni in their opera careers. Several are internationally famous. At least eight are or have been with the New York Metropolitan Opera company. Many others are with famous opera companies in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Houston, Switzerland, and Germany.

Inspiration Point continues to grow and flourish. What began in 1950 as a summer music camp, has evolved into a mecca where university students and graduates in Voice, Instrumental Music, and related arts come to prepare for professional careers, a place where opportunity, music, artist and audience meld with the beauty and splendor of the Ozark Mountains. Beginning in 1993, the strong focus on opera led to a company name, OPERA IN THE OZARKS at INSPIRATION POINT.

One of the outstanding features of the program is that every participant is afforded an opportunity to perform in fully produced operas, an evening scenes program or an educational outreach program taken to the several areas in Northwest Arkansas. Four weeks of rehearsal and four weeks of performances are under the supervision of a professional staff. Opera in the Ozarks is located seven miles west of Eureka Springs,Arkansas, on scenice Route 62. One of the most picturesque spots in the south central U.S., Inspiration Point is a look-out site situated atop Candy Rock Mountain between the beautifulWhite River Valley and Beaver Lake.

Enjoy a stay at our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast and catch a rousing performance at Opera In The Ozarks. Hurry, performances only last four weeks per year and run June 18th through July 17th.


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